Focus Group by Forma.Azione and SEMCooperativa Sociale

Associazione FORMA: Azione in collaboration with SEM Cooperativa Sociale organised a Focus Group meeting on 12th April. It was attended by both public and private ECEC service providers, members of regional coordinators network in Umbria and Università degli Studi di Perugia. It aimed at identifying quality practices as well as approaches and methods implemented by both public and private ECEC services.

Many interesting elements emerged: the services in our region respond in a good way to the needs of families both in terms of flexible hours and programme, the importance of well prepared educators and team work, creative workshops for children and parents and importance of relation & communication with parents and families. Quality for ECEC is intended as quality and wellbeing of the child, not only in terms of flexibility, but mainly in terms of offer and curriculum.


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