Sequences project holds Study Visit in Dublin

Teresa Heeney, CEO, welcomes our European Partners to Early Childhood Ireland.

During the recent study visit to Dublin, hosted by Early Childhood Ireland, our European partners visited award winning early years’ settings in North County Dublin.

Our European partners were warmly welcomed by the educators and the children. During their time in the settings they engaged in informative discussions about the ECCE sector in Ireland and observed the play-based emergent curriculum and pedagogical documentation in action.

Our partners were delighted to have this wonderful opportunity to spend time in these settings and their experience will continue to inform the work of the SeQuences Project.


Nickola Cullen, Beverton Pre-school, Donabate welcomes Sylvia Liuti (Associaziona FORMA. Azione, srl, Italy), Ljiljana Vasic, (European Parents Association, Serbia), Živilė Belickienė & Asta Juknienė (Lithuanian Education Trade Union ETU).

Kerri Mc Cracken, Manager of Roots and Wings, Donabate greets Mary Rose Cefai, (Malta Union of Teachers), Krisztina Domján, (Corvinus University, Budapest) Favia Caoiraku Scelloni (Sem Society Cooperative Social, Italy) and Chiara Palazzetti (Associazione FORMA.Azione srl., Italy).

Mandy Corcoran and Fiona Brogan welcome Marlene Housley, (Malta Union of Teachers), Lavinia Ioana Mehedeniuc, (Gradinitia cu Program Prelungit “Zana Zanelor”, Romania) Arja Krauchenberg, (European Parents Association, Austria) & Eleonora Brescaro, (Sem Society Cooperative Social, Italy) to Cottage Kids, Lusk.

Simona Montagnoli, (Sem Society Cooperative Social), Maria Ioana Zdroba, (Gradinitia cu Program Prelungit “Zana Zanelor”, Romania), Lorna Schembri, (Malta Union of Teachers) & Egidijus Milešinas (Lithuanian Education Trade Union) arriving at Bizzy B’s Preschool, Loughshinny to meet Olive Power.



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