2 – Training Curriculum

Intellectual Output2 – TRAINING CURRICULUM and related training materials for Quality Management in ECEC

The Training Curriculum to be defined as second Output represents the one to be delivered during the C2 Training in Hungary. According to the discussion carried out by partners in the preliminary phase of project planning, the training module will be targeted on the needs of ECEC practitioners – primarily educators and managers/directors, but designed in order to impact also on their representatives and trainers, and on the most important stakeholder, parents and families.

It will include the following contents:
– basic concepts and background references to quality assurance in education, with special focus on policy recommendations and arrangements for early childhood education and care;
– methodologies and techniques to put quality assurance into practice and to do that by involving all the relevant stakeholders – who as a counterpart get an insight on what can be expected from ECEC providers as quality education and care;
– formats for practical team works to familiarise with the tools available in O1, accompanied by ad-hoc training materials and indications for the learners;
– checklist of expected key competences for an effective adoption of specific quality assurance instruments, such as “social and civic competences” and “learning to learn”.

Contents are subject to small adaptations or to integrations according to the results of the previous activities functional to its definition, such as the final outlook of the tools themselves, the feedbacks collected from stakeholders during the Stakeholders’ Committee and the first Focus Group or through the online survey, etc.