The partners working on this project are the following:

P1 – Associazione FORMA.Azione srl (lead applicant) (IT) – VET&AL provider

FORMA.Azione has started its activity in 1997 and it is specialized in designing and elivering Vocational Training and Adult Education. FORMA.Azione’s mission is : to create concrete opportunities for the professional and social development of the target groups, to improve access to training, in particular for low skilled workers, elderly people and women, to support career and individual guidance to encourage self-consciousness in managing careers and active ageing, to promote women’s access to and participation in all levels of the labour market also by combating gender stereotypes in vocational training, career selection and professions.

Contact Persons
Sylvia Liuti – Director of European projects,Quality Assurance and Gender Policies
Chiara Palazzetti – Project Manager
Adina Curta – Project Officer – (+39) 0755996085 – azione.comFacebook  – TW: @FORMAazione

P2 – SEM Società Cooperativa Sociale (IT) – private ECEC provider

Cooperativa Sem SEM Social Cooperative is a non profit company founded in 1998 by a group of ECEC operators and professionals with the aim to pursue the general interest of the community in the promotion of children’s cultural and social development through the organization of education and care services able to really fulfilled the needs of children and working parents. Currently, it operates as private ECEC provider under an agreement with the municipalities of Marsciano and Spello, located in a rural area of Umbria region, with 4 nurseries with a total receptivity of approximately 110 children.

Contact Person
Simona Montagnoli – President – (+39) 3497651782

P3 – LETU – Lietuvos svietimo profesine sajunga (LT) – teachers’ trade union

Lithuanian Education Trade Union – LETU (Lietuvos švietimo profesinė sąjunga – LŠPS) is the largest trade union organisation for education employees in Lithuania with about 9 000 members and with over 20% unionization rate. LETU is the only education trade union organisation in Lithuania uniting workers in all fields of education, ranging from pre-primary teachers to lecturers and researchers in universities and vocational school teachers. The Union is actively engaged in promoting the overall professional and trade union interests of its members at all levels – national, regional and institutional.

Contact Persons
Audrius Jurgelevicius – President
Egidijus Milesinas – Vicepresident
Tatjana Babrauskiene – International Secretary
Inga Puisa – Project Officer – (+370) 52130252 –

P4 – CUB – Corvinus University of Budapest (HU)

Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) is one of the most prominent state universities in Hungary. CUB is a research university with a strong commitment to providing high quality education to its more than 14,000 students in six faculties. The Faculty of Social Sciences has been rated the country’s leading university institution in social sciences, as a result of the outstanding quality of teaching provided in various degree programmes and the innovative nature of research activities conducted by the faculty’s academic staff.

Contact Persons
Orsolya Kurucz – Research Fellow, Project Manager –
Domjan Krisztina – Research Fellow –
(+36) 305436960 –

P5 – MUT – Malta Union of Teachers (MT)

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) is the longest established trade-union in Malta. With over 8,000 members, the MUT stands as the largest sectoral trade union in Malta, representing educators and allied professionals across the whole spectrum of education: from kindergarten up to university level. The MUT is affiliated with FOR.U.M., ETUCE and EI, and is a very active trade-union participating in various local and international fora related to education, industrial relations and related subjects.

Contact Person
Kevin Bonello – President – (+356) 21237815 –

P6 – EPA – European Parents Association (BE)

EPA has been the only EU-level organisation representing parents as a stakeholder group in education since its foundation in 1985. Through our 50+ member organisations we have a nearly full coverage of Europe as we have working contact with all EU-member states, while we have members from some non-EU countries as well. As the only representative association of parents on EU level EPA has worked closely together with other stakeholder groups as well as with different EU-institutions and political groups.

Contact Persons
Eszter Salamon – President –
Ljiljana Vasic – Project Manager –
Arja Krauchenberg – Vice President, Project Coordinator –
(+43) 664 562 4043 – euparents.eueuropeanparents.blogspot.comFacebookTwitter

P7 – ECI – Early Childhood Ireland (IE)

Early Childhood Ireland is an innovative & adaptive organisation which builds on over 66 years of experience & expertise developed in the early childhood care & education (ECCE) sector. We build on strong foundations & expertise across areas of research, training, mentoring, practice, policy & advocacy. Early Childhood Ireland (ECI) is the largest national representative organisation of the childcare sector in Ireland. It represents almost 75% of all early childhood care and education services in the country, and aims to enable the provision of quality early childhood care & education leading to best outcomes for young children.

Contact Persons
Elaine Hynes – Project Coordinator, Early Childhood Specialist –
Lilian Joyce – Early Childhood Specialist –
Kelly Whithman – Early Childhood Administrator –
(+353) 879820296 –

P8 – GZZ – Gradinita cu Program Prelungit “Zana Zanelor” (RO) – public ECEC provider

The Zana Zorilor Kindergarten is a public kindergarten with after school program. It has three locations with a number of 250 children divided in 14 groups. The groups are formed based on the children’s age: ‘the small group’ for children aged 3-4, ‘the middle geoup’ for children aged 4-5 and ‘the big group’ for children aged 5-6. The Kindergaten is run based on the public national curriculum with a holistic approach to education. The scope of this approach is to facilitate the children’s social integration helping and at the same time preparing them for primary education.

Contact Persons
Ana Bartalici – Director –
Lavinia Mehedeniuc – Teacher –
(+4) 0748614414 –